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    Crystal Keepers Oracle : Unveil the Widom From the Crystal Realms

    Around the globe, in worlds parallel to ours, exist the Keepers of the Crystal realm. Beings that manifest as recognisable personifications to guide and support us all on our path toward realising the greater good. You have been invited to step into their world, learn their teachings and experience their wisdom.
    400 kr

    Crystal Mandala Oracle

    Channel the Power of Heaven & Earth This unique oracle deck is encoded with crystal frequencies, and the high vibrational energy of angels, ascended masters and goddesses, to empower you to channel the divine healing power of Heaven and Earth.
    259 kr

    Crystal Mandala Oracle : Channel the Power of Heaven & Earth

    This unique oracle deck is encoded with crystal frequencies and the high vibrational energy of angels, ascended masters and goddesses, to empower you to channel the divine healing power of Heaven and Earth. Work with the vibrant crystal mandalas by Jane Marin, as featured in Alana Fairchild's popular books Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888.
    229 kr 199 kr

    Crystal Medicine Oracle

    As you connect with the sacred CRYSTAL MEDICINE ORACLE you will be taken on a potent journey of self-empowerment and mastery. These 33 magical cards work on all levels of your being, mind, body and spirit and apply 5 different aspects of medicine, making them holistic in their application and approach.
    259 kr 249 kr

    Crystal Oracle : Guidance From the Heart of the Earth Book and Oracle Card Set

    Tap into the profound healing energies of the crystal world with this beautiful set of guidance cards. The CRYSTAL ORACLE features 44 cards which each draw on the energy and vibration of one crystal, gemstone or mineral to nurture the body, mind and soul. The guidebook lists the qualities of the crystals featured in the deck and delivers an inspired and healing message for each card.
    179 kr

    Crystal Oversoul Attunements: 44 Healing Cards & Book

    Designed for meditation and contemplation, this set of 44 beautiful cards and accompanying book explore in great depth the spiritual and metaphysical qualities of crystals and how to communicate with ...
    219 kr

    Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements :

    And so the journey continues... The Crystal Oversoul Attunements, published by Findhorn Press, explored 44 crystalline beings of consciousness through a series of mandalas, meditations and writings on their role in our unfolding journey.
    179 kr

    Crystal Reading Cards : The Healing Oracle

    CRYSTAL READING CARDS consist of 56 cards & 160 page guidebook, all with exquisite photos of many of the world's most powerful crystals. Embark on a journey with these crystal reading cards, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open to healing.
    249 kr

    Crystal Reading Cards: The Healing Oracle

    Crystal Reading Cards consist of 56 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world’s most powerful crystals. These unique cards are both a healing tool as well as a guidance oracle. Embark on a journey, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open to healing. More powerfully, you can use them for both…
    199 kr

    Crystal Wisdom Mini Inspiration Cards : Affirmations From the Ancient Power of Crystals

    CRYSTAL WISDOM is a deck of inspirational mini-cards, capturing the beauty and wisdom of our Earth's crystals, as written from Australia's Leading Crystal Awakening Healer, Rachelle Charman These 40 cards represent universal messages of love from the inner symbols and spirit of crystals, allowing its inspirations to connect across all ages and walks of life.
    139 kr

    Daglig vägledning från dina Änglar

    Dessa orakelkort med vägledningshäfte av Doreen Virtue ger dig budskap och påminnelser om dina skyddsänglars ständiga, kärleksfulla närvaro.

    259 kr

    Daily Healing - Mini Inspiration Cards

    With insightful messages, the Daily Healing cards work as a reminder to delve into your heart and soul, to awaken the eternal wisdom that lies beneath your subconscious so you can be your best self.
    149 kr

    Detox In A Box (2 Cd, 64-Page Book, 70 Flashcards Included)

    Created by holistic physician Mark Hyman, M.D., The Detox Box gives you everything you need to complete a safe, effective, and medically informed detoxification program at home. Designed for total cleansing to remove toxins and allergens, boost immunity, and restore energy levels, the program can be done in 7, 14, or 21 days.
    239 kr

    Divination Of The Ancients : Oracle Cards

    In ancient times, across countless cultures throughout history, there were those traditionally revered as wise ones – gifted oracles who spoke directly with nature, interpreted signs and omens, and communed with the gods for messages, with extraordinary clarity and foresight. Much of this ancient wisdom and many of their divinatory tools have been forgotten with the passing of time.
    199 kr

    Divine Circus Oracle

    Within you there's a free spirit that refuses to be defined by social stereotypes and believes it's your right to live your dreams, no matter how weird or creative they may be, and to have fun while doing so.
    339 kr 239 kr

    Divine Directions

    This beautiful set of 40 inspirational cards can give you the simple, direct answers you need to guide you past any obstacles in life. Call upon your spirit guides and angels to help you to use the cards in love and light for your benefit. Ask that you be given clear and accurate information each time you choose a card.
    129 kr

    Divine Directions : 40 Inspiration Cards

    Jade-Sky, Psychic/Medium, author of What Happens Next, shows you that it is possible to not only connect with your spirit guides, but, also, the energy of the Universe. These 40 beautifully simple inspirational cards can give you the answers that you need to guide you past any obstacles in life.
    149 kr

    Divine Doors - Mini Inspiration Cards

    From Tokyo, Paris, London, Sydney and Rome, adventure, mystery and inspiration lie behind every door. Divine doors are a 40-card companion deck that reveals answers to your deepest reflections and inspired musings.
    139 kr

    Divine Wisdom Affirmation Cards

    The 50 affirmations used to create these beautiful and encouraging messages were channelled from the Masters. Better known for her work as an internationally recognised psychic medium, Lisa Williams has been receiving channelled messages from the Masters for many years.
    189 kr

    Dog Wisdom: 45 Cards To Inspire & Uplift (45 Cards & 50-Page

    ‘Dog Wisdom’ is a collection of photographs and puppy-inspired wordsof wisdom designed to celebrate the joy that dogs bring to our lives! Featuring 45 cards and guidebook.
    179 kr

    Dragon Oracle Cards

    Dragons are beautiful, wise, open-hearted etheric beings of the angelic realms who are sent here by Source to help and assist us. They operate on a different vibrational frequency to us, which is why most people can't see them, but they are very willing to connect with us if we are ready to tune in to their wavelength.
    149 kr

    Dream Faeries

    Dream Fairies Inspirational Cards Bianca Luna, Julia Jeffrey, Unravel the mysteries of your dreams with the wisdom of the stars. The Dream Fairies Inspirational Deck promises an enlightening inner journey.
    199 kr

    Dream Interpretations Cards

    These evocative cards reach into the deep sea of your innermost self, helping you interpret what you find there so you can gain wisdom, self-awareness, and the life that you desire. Whether you want to reconnect to a sense of hope or you want to conquer your fears, these cards provide insights into your past, present, and future to help you achieve your most important goals.
    219 kr 169 kr

    Dream Oracle Cards

    Dreams are love letters from home written in our first language — the language of the soul. Always pointing us toward higher ground, the soul speaks to us through our dreams in pictures and metaphors. Dream Oracle Cards explore 53 of the most common modern dream symbols and archetypes.
    229 kr

    Dream Reading Cards : Discover the Purpose of Your Dreams

    This gorgeous set of 52 cards (22 Theme cards, 30 Oracle Cards) plus book by international bestselling dream author, Rose Inserra, will guide you through the symbolic world of dreams. The 22 Theme cards offer interpretations of the most common dream scenarios, from flying to intimacy.
    199 kr

    Dreamtime Reading Cards : Connect With the Ancient Spirit and Nature of Australia

    Drawing on the ancient wisdom and spirit of Aboriginal Australia, Laura Bowen has created the DREAMTIME READING CARDS using indigenous dot painting techniques. These beautiful cards are powerful meditations, showing you the world with a new pair of eyes and allowing you to connect with spirit.
    199 kr