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    11.11 Oracle : Answers to Uplift and Shift

    Decipher the codes. Recalibrate your consciousness. Dial into your cosmic inner support system with this comprehensive reference to the numbers in your life. This unique resource of 11.11 paradigm-shifting messages connects you to supportive insight and uplifting wisdom.
    259 kr

    333 Oracle Of Heart Wisdom

    333 pathways of love, encouragement and strength are ready to flow from the Universe to the soul temple of your heart. Acclaimed spiritual author and teacher, Alana Fairchild, taps into the master frequency of playful power, creative consciousness and sacred connection to deliver insightful messages, so you can remember and become the empowered visionary soul that you were born to be.
    219 kr

    360 Degrees Of Your Star Destiny : A Zodiac Oracle

    In this extraordinary synthesis of 50 years in star work, astrologer Ellias Lonsdale explains how each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has 30 degrees, and each degree, like every star, is the centre of a whole system of meanings.
    229 kr

    50 Religions that Might Save You Deck

    Choose a religion that conveniently fits your lifestyle! This compare-and-contrast deck features the lowdown on 50 religions?from Baha'i to Temple of the Vampire?so you can easily pick what's best for you and your everlasting soul.
    139 kr

    A Compendium of Witches Oracle (in English)

    A journey to meet the Witches of the past, hear their voices, feel their faces, and understanding their histories. Following the incredibly successful Kickstarter by Natasa Ilincic, Lo Scarabeo brings out this oracle deck in a very new exciting edition. 60 cards, divided in 30 “voices” and 30 “whispers”.
    249 kr

    A Course of Love Cards

    Each of these 180 cards is carefully selected from A Course of Love to remind you that you are, in truth, an embodiment of love. They will remind you of your wholeheartedness. They will remind you of the wondrous realm of unity and relationship that is your true nature when fear is left behind.
    259 kr

    A Jane Austen Tarot Deck

    Noted Jane Austen artist Jacqui Oakley brings her beautiful work to the world of tarot with this sublime and whimsical package. Featuring 53 characters (including Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Elinor Dashwood, and more) and objects (such as well-trimmed bonnets and a stack of novels) from Austen's books, each card doubles as a playing card and tarot card. With Mr.
    179 kr

    A Practical Guide to the Lenorman Oracle Cards

    A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE LENORMAN ORACLE CARDS is a highly accessible and practical manual, in which relevant card combinations are clear from the very word go. Each of the 36 Lenormand cards is combined with the other 35 cards of the deck.
    189 kr

    A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook (Keepsake Box Set)

    Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this ancient yet visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition. Each card represents aspects of the self, symbolized by sacred figures and concepts that are integral to yoga and Ayurveda.

    379 kr 299 kr

    Aah She NAI: The Angel Game: Return to the Power of the Heart

    The Angel pairs, 49 with golden stars for male energy and 49 with silvery stars for female energy guide us through the game. The Angels show us lovingly how we can master our daily life effortlessly.
    300 kr

    Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom

    Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom Oracle has a unique method of exploring the same situation from various viewpoints, by including a light and dark message from the Ancestors on each card, all the while working between 4 different environments: Freshwater Wisdom, Saltwater Wisdom, Desert Wisdom and Rainforest Wisdom.
    239 kr

    Aboriginal Dreaming Totems Mini Inspiration Cards

    Aboriginal Dreaming Totems have been used for thousands of years as a way of seeking advice. The use of totems is not fortune-telling in the sense that you actually see the future – instead, the dreaming totems provide the user with a means of analysing questions and seeking answers about a likely outcome. The future is not fixed and you have the power to change it as you see fit.
    129 kr

    Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle

    The ABORIGINAL DREAMTIME ORACLE is inspired by the close connection between the aboriginal spirituality and the relationship with ancestors of the past — the caretakers of ancient lands. These cards were inspired by Australian aboriginal dreamtime stories, exploring issues that impact our lives to change our energy and unite together to celebrate the wonders of our own soul and dreams.
    229 kr

    Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Oracle

    The ABORIGINAL GODDESS CHAKRA ORACLE is a unique mix of aboriginal and universal spirituality, encompassing a range of deities and teachings of the seven energy chakras within the body. A beautiful set with 36 colourful illustrations, each card is represented by a God, Goddess, Faery or Angel connecting with one of the seven chakras to evoke reflection, guidance and deep healing.
    219 kr

    Aboriginal Healing Oracle

    The ABORIGINAL HEALING ORACLE is a unique Indigenous healing set of 36 cards divided into three sets of cards: Bush Medicine, Animal Totems and Aboriginal Ancestors. · Bush Medicine cards identify the reasons for the divination, through the assistance of nature.  · Animal Totem cards provide understanding in relation to the current situation, through the help of Australian native creatures.
    239 kr

    Aboriginal Spirit Oracle

    Featuring 36 cards beautifully illustrated to represent the mental, emotional and raw spiritual aspects of our soul, the ABORIGINAL SPIRIT ORACLE is a powerful tool to navigate you towards empowerment and self-healing, clarifying questions and issues that arise in life, allowing peace to encompass your heart again. 36 colour cards & 90pp book
    199 kr

    Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle Cards

    Do you ever feel you are losing your way in life? Be guided by those who've lived in harmony with our amazing planet for millennia. This unique collection of ancient wisdom, interpreted for the modern age, pools the power of the land, the people, their tools and mythology into a single, stunning resource of inspiration, creation and comfort in these all too testing times of our making.
    329 kr

    African Goddess Rising Oracle

    Although African spirituality is vast, most practices share foundational beliefs including ancestral veneration, reverence for elders and community, respecting natural phenomenon and the power to transmute obstacles. This stunning card deck is faithful to sacred truths and secrets passed down through oral tradition and will support you as a tool for divination, healing and awakening.
    199 kr 169 kr

    African Gods Oracle

    Empower yourself with the guidance and spells of the Orishas.
    What if you could control what the reality around you returns by controlling the energies you sent to the Universe in actions, words, and thoughts?
    289 kr

    Alfons Maria Mucha Oracle Cards

    From the original artwork of Alfons Maria Mucha, a new oracle deck. One of the greatest and most famous artists of the Art Nouveau movement, Mucha changed the way people looked and understood Art. Not just beauty, but inspiration.
    199 kr 179 kr

    Alice: The Wonderland Oracle

    Welcome to this whimsical, thoroughly delightful oracle filled with the wit and wisdom of Wonderland. Inspired by Alice's most famous insights and adventures, you'll discover beings whose messages will help you find your way through the rabbit holes, labyrinths, pools of tears, mad tea parties and unjust courts of life.
    289 kr

    Amazonian Angel Oracle

    When he passed away in 2009, renowned shamanic artist Pablo Amaringo left behind countless unfinished drawings and paintings as well as hundreds of pages of writings on his in-depth knowledge of the vibrant mundo amazonica, the spiritual world of the Amazon.
    319 kr

    Amor et Psyche Oracle

    The Greek legend of Amor and Psyche is the first psychological tale of love. A tale of desire, fulfilment, pleasure and denial that takes place both in the inner world of the spirit as in the outer world of the flash. Love, after all, is a journey of joy and sorrow, to be lived with the body as well as the soul.

    30 full colour cards and instructions.

    179 kr