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    Cards Of Winds And Changes Deck

    The Cards of Winds and Changes by Judith Pintar is a set of 49 cards based on the seven directions of the Ojibwe, a Native American people of the Great Lakes. These cards are out of print and rare and provide a unique experience.
    339 kr 250 kr

    Cat Wisdom Cards New Edition : 45 Cards to Brighten Your Day

    CAT WISDOM CARDS are a collection of photographs and kitten-inspired words of wisdom designed to offer daily guidance from the perspective of our feline friends. This fun and inspiring 45-card set will encourage you to reflect on your life and its challenges, reminding you to make time for relaxation and fun, to express yourself freely and to pursue your dreams.
    239 kr

    Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards

    The feline experience is a fresco of countless conditions of the soul. Tarot expert and author Barbara Moore collaborated with artist Marco Turini to create Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards, a lively deck featuring 32 different cat breeds and scenarios. These light-hearted images celebrate the joys that fill a cat's life, luxurious naps, adventure and play, affection and love.
    159 kr

    Ceccoli Oracle Cards

    Mystery and innocense, anxiety and peace, soft colours and strong emotions: Nicoletta Ceccoli's world is a world of opposites and oxymorons, a facinating but disturbing tale, mesmerizing the viewer's eyes. Dive into Nicoletta's dream with this Oracle deck. Lunaea Weatherstone and Nicoletta Ceccoli.
    179 kr

    Celebration of love - oracle cards

    Inspire your sixth sense to guide you, using the energy associated with images on 60 beautifully-illustrated oracle cards.
    289 kr

    Celtic shamans pack - journeys on the shamans path

    The Celtic Shaman's Pack offers direct access to the inner cosmos of the Celts, enabling you to make contact with the powerful archetypes to be found there. This pack constitutes your "shaman's pouch", offering a bridge between the world of the everyday and the world of unseen reality that is a part of every shaman's training.
    259 kr

    Celtic Tree Oracle

    A divination deck based on traditional celtic tree mythology! CELTIC TREE ORACLE is based on ancient Celtic wisdom, which revered trees as living, spiritual beings – keepers of sacred knowledge that can help us survive and thrive on Earth. This deck is your tool to tune into the trees and access their age-old loving guidance.
    179 kr

    Chakra Insight Oracle : A Transformational 49-card deck

    CHAKRA INSIGHT ORACLE is a powerful tool for connecting to and understanding the subtleties of the energetic body through the age-old system of the chakras. The deck features 49 cards in total, seven cards for each of the seven major chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown – with each card dealing with an aspect of that particular chakra.
    199 kr

    Chakra Love

    149 kr

    Chakra Reading Card

    The Chakras are an ancient wisdom that explains the body’s energy field. When Chakras are aligned and in balance, purest wellbeing is experienced. By working closely with these cards you will experience a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment and healing. Chakra Reading Cards brings a world of guidance and clarity to your life.
    239 kr

    Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

    A 52-week Journey of Self-discovery with the Lost Fables Based on the seven Chakras within our bodies that aid the flow of energy, this beautifully illustrated oracle deck depicts fascinating fables to enlighten and inspire. The 49 card deck can be divided into seven groups to represent the main chakras.
    199 kr

    Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Deck

    Our brains can produce negative thoughts, but you can "reprogram the way you think." This collection of methods from neuropsychiatrist and bestselling author, Daniel G Amen, M.D., teaches you how. Use the easy techniques described in this deck to: - Stop obsessive worrying - Curb your anger - Fight automatic negative thoughts - Enhance your people skills...
    189 kr

    Cherub Angel Cards for Children (44-Card Deck and Booklet)

    With their pure and open hearts and minds, children can effortlessly connect with their guardian angels. Each of the 44 cards in this unique deck is easy to read and is a tiny size that fits in young hands.

    189 kr

    Children's Spirit Animal Cards (24 Cards & Guidebook)

    Winner of 8 national awards and honors, these simple yet powerful Children's Spirit Animal Cards by best-selling author Steven D. Farmer offer children ages 5 and above the opportunity to choose cards that deliver beautiful, age-appropriate messages of love and guidance to help them as they develop and grow.
    219 kr

    Chinese Fortune Reading Cards

    Chinese Fortune Reading Cards are a divination tool, including 36 cards and guidebook, based on ancient Chinese teachings and philosophies for modern day situations. Every card also offers a Feng Shui tip or luck to enhance your life and set you on course for happiness.
    239 kr

    Chocolate Lover's Message Cards : 70 Affirmation Cards with Instructions

    Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, what if we told you that besides its addictive qualities, which are said to offer natural highs, chocolate can, also, be looked to for personal advice or spiritual affirmation? What if we told you that chocolate holds within it symbolic wisdom potent enough to guide you along life's path?
    169 kr

    Clairvoyant Reading Cards

    A beautiful Oracle card set based upon the You are Clairvoyant book. All 36 oracle cards are beautifully illustrated to be uplifting and helpful, includes a booklet with simple card layouts: · Divine Guidance for Specific Issues and Questions  · A Daily Message from Your Angels and Guides  · The Priority Layout  · The Big Picture Layout This true oracle will take you by the hand and will ...
    219 kr

    Climbing Your Personal Mountain

    This luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer’s artistic vision and her passion for the natural and the supernatural elements we encounter on our soul paths. She has created Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck to help guide others to a deeper level of consciousness and a more harmonious life.
    179 kr

    Conscious Spirit Oracle Cards (44-Card Deck & Booklet)

    This luminous 44-card deck is imbued with Kim Dreyer’s artistic vision and her passion for the natural and the supernatural elements we encounter on our soul paths. She has created Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck to help guide others to a deeper level of consciousness and a more harmonious life.
    159 kr

    Conversations with God Divine Wisdom Cards

    In the fifteen years since its initial publication, Conversations with God has changed the lives of millions of readers. With gorgeous, meditative designs, these 64 cards capture some of the most essential wisdom from Book 1 of the series, and the most essential truths and lessons for spiritual seekers.
    179 kr

    Cosmic Reading Cards

    The Cosmic Reading Cards activate your soul to the memory of its true creative potential with 36 visionary artworks containing daily healing messages for growth, clarity and direction. The joyous artworks and messages have been channeled by loving sages and teachers of our higher consciousness; and will assist you to move through the worlds within this realm of enlightenment with greater ...
    219 kr

    Crazy Sexy Love Notes

    It's high time you gave yourself a healthy dose of self-love. The fact is, you deserve it. You are a magnificent, radiant being. You are divine. And you are awesome. The sooner you start embracing that and treating yourself accordingly, the sooner your life will begin to unfold with compassion, purpose, ease, health, and vitality.
    159 kr

    Crowley Tarot Gift Set [With Book]

    Contains 78-card Crowley Small Thoth Tarot deck (CR80) and BK129- Tarot Mirror of the Soul book by Gerd Ziegler. Packaged in plastic bookcase box. Spread sheet not included. 144 pp., b&w illus. pb. (Book not sold separately).
    339 kr

    Crystal connections message cards

    Mother Nature communicates to us in many ways, lovingly guiding us through our lives. The messages from crystals can help us to find our way towards a path of love, peace and harmony. THE CRYSTAL CONNECTIONS MESSAGE CARDS are a set of 70 cards depicting beautifully photographed crystals, each one accompanied by a message channelled from that crystal just for you.
    249 kr

    Crystal Intentions Oracle

    Gemstones and Affirmations to Manifest Your Heart’s Desires The way we think creates our reality. The Crystal Intentions Oracle will help you think positive thoughts for relationships and experiences that bring fulfillment and peace.
    239 kr