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    Bild på A Game of Fortune Cards

    A Game of Fortune Cards

    With its rich colors and crisp, clean drawings of a bygone era, this limited-edition deck is perfect for playing card collectors and readers who want a glimpse into their future. Part of Lo Scarabeo's Old Cartomancy collection, these cards have a wonderful vintage look which replicates fortune telling cards of antiquity.
    159 kr
    Bild på African Gods Oracle

    African Gods Oracle

    Empower yourself with the guidance and spells of the Orishas.
    What if you could control what the reality around you returns by controlling the energies you sent to the Universe in actions, words, and thoughts?
    289 kr
    Bild på Angel Quest Oracle

    Angel Quest Oracle

    Each of the forty-four beautiful and unique celestial cards features a short personal message from the angels that answer important life questions, while the step-by-step instruction in the accompanying guidebook explains how you can give a perfect angel card reading, both for yourself and for others, and includes more detailed meanings for each card.
    289 kr 229 kr
    Bild på Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle: Deck & Book Set

    Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle: Deck & Book Set

    329 kr
    Bild på Barbieri - Night Fairies Oracle Cards

    Barbieri - Night Fairies Oracle Cards

    A crepuscular world, one that awakens when the curtain of night blankets over humanity. It is a world of magic, of inspiration, of sheer wondrous marvel, as the mundane takes life and becomes something more. Night is the time of the fairies. By world renowned illustrator Paolo Barbieri.
    199 kr 179 kr
    Bild på Color Meditation Cards

    Color Meditation Cards

    199 kr