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    Magisk journal: keltiskt träd

    Keep a record of your tarot journeys and spiritual explorations in these luxurious journals, featuring high quality, blank paper and a ribbon bookmark.
    119 kr

    44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels

    44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels brings you traditional and not-so-traditional ways to meet your angelic guides. Liz Dean and Jayne Wallace show you the signs of angelic presence and demonstrate the most practical ways to get closer to these celestial beings, with each tip illustrated by award-winning artist Sarah Perkins. Discover your angels in a mirror or a bowl of water, make an angel mist...
    119 kr

    Aah She NAI: The Angel Game: Return to the Power of the Heart

    The Angel pairs, 49 with golden stars for male energy and 49 with silvery stars for female energy guide us through the game. The Angels show us lovingly how we can master our daily life effortlessly.
    300 kr

    Affirmations for creativity

    Louise L. Hay is the internationally renowned author of "You Can Heal Your Life" which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. In these delightful pocket sized gift packs Louise has designed 12 affirmation cards to help empower you in specific areas of your life: Creativity, Self Esteem, Forgiveness, and Job Success.
    150 kr

    Affirmations for forgiveness

    Louise Hay wrote these cards as a way to help you create forgiveness in your everyday life! Forgiveness means releasing regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, and sometimes even the desire for revenge. How do you start? By being willing to let go of the past. Be willing to release your emotional attachment to your memories of yesterday. The past is over and this is a new day.
    150 kr

    Alchemy 1977 England Tarot

    Renowned designed house Alchemy of England 1977 has produced dark and gothic masterpieces long before the genre became popular. They have taken their artistry to a new level with their first deck of tarot cards. Made exclusively for Fournier, one of the leading playing cards makers in the world, the deck features 78 cards in full color. Made in Spain.
    179 kr

    Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot - Standard

    Immerse yourself in the symbolic wealth of the Aleister Crowley Tarot. The painter Frieda Harris was herself an Egyptologist and worked about 1200 symbols into the 78 cards! These cards are fascinating in the depth of thinking which they reveal. The Thoth Tarot was created by the famous occultist Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947).
    189 kr

    Ancient Aliens™ - The Coloring Book

    The first official adult coloring book that ties into HISTORY(R) network's hit series Ancient Aliens(R): brimming with forty richly detailed illustrations of ancient artifacts, awe-inspiring archeological locations, and cultural phenomena, Ancient Aliens(t): The Coloring Book immerses both the show's fans and coloring enthusiasts in the wonder of these enigmas.
    98 kr

    Ancient Italian Tarot

    Italy has stood out over the centuries for beautiful Tarot decks directly derived from the first models of the fifteenth-century. Artistic talent and Italian imagination are concentrated in this deck, whose sophistication and symbolic synthesis still amaze, making it an excellent tool for divining.
    169 kr

    Angel Oracle Cards

    The Angels, pure creatures without sin, are messengers of divine will and, if we want, guides for our actions. Do you want to receive help and advice from heavenly forces? Each of these cards represents a guardian Angel who, because of its own nature, can indicate the correct path at any time.
    300 kr

    Angel Prayer Meditations

    Connecting to your angels is a two way process. The first step is through prayer; the second step is through meditation. If prayer is speaking, meditation is listening. In Angel Prayers Meditations, Kyle Gray will guide you through a series of powerful meditations that will help you connect to your Guardian Angels and the Archangel realm. You will be gently guided to clear your energy and mind...
    129 kr

    Angel Reading Cards

    ANGEL READING CARDS by Debbie Malone, comprises a beautiful collection of Angels to help you tackle any situation; from the Angel of Travel, Angel of Fertility, Angel of Detoxification, Angel of Enlightenment to the Bully Prevention Angel. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card and how best to utilise the Angels' energies.
    199 kr

    Angel Reading Cards : When You Believe in Angels, Anything is Possible

    ANGEL READING CARDS by Debbie Malone, comprises a beautiful collection of Angels to help you tackle any situation; from the Angel of Travel, Angel of Fertility, Angel of Detoxification, Angel of Enlightenment to the Bully Prevention Angel. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card and how best to utilise the Angels' energies.
    239 kr

    Angel Whispers

    Take a journey as the author reveals to you the realm of angels in existence since the creation of this world. The book is divided into several segments. 1. Archangel Anael tells the story of angels who choose to become embodied in order to help humans access their Divine gifts. 2. Angelic parables. 3. Contemplative Angelic Messages (Daily Bread) for journaling. 4.
    149 kr

    Angel Voices (deck only)

    This deck presents the Angels as identified in the gnostic texts and their planets of reference. These celestial messengers are divided into nine planetary formations and each card contains the Hebrew name of the Angel, the planet to which it belongs, the key word that summarises the task, the area affected and the divinatory significance.
    149 kr

    Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot

    Renowned worldwide for her breathtakingly beautiful fantasy artwork, Anne Stokes delights fans yet again with this gorgeous tarot deck.

    179 kr

    Apokalypsis Tarot

    Companion deck to the bestselling and award winning Tarot Illuminati by Eric C.Dunne. 78 cards, 66x120mm.
    179 kr

    Art Nouveau Lenormand

    36 sibylline cards, painted with the elegant form and colours of Art Nouveau, that allow one to obtain advices and decisions regarding any topic. A renewed edition, with incredible artwork by Antonella Castelli. Divination using tools such as oracle Cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives and brings to the surface information that is hidden or not immediately obvious to us
    179 kr

    Art of Manifesting Good Luck Notecards (Love & Relationship)

    All notecards are blank on the inside for your own personal inspiration. Each package contains 20 beautifully illustrated cards with four different designs.
    119 kr

    Ask An Angel (42 Oracle Cards, Guidebook, Angel Dictionary)

    This inspirational card set, featuring the illuminating artwork of best-selling artist andauthor Toni Carmine Salerno, allows you to quickly and easily receive answers toyour questions and gain deeper insights into your current state of being. Complete with 42 cards and an 124-page guidebook.
    400 kr

    Aum smycke

    Aum är den heligaste av alla stavelser i hinduismen. Det är summan av alla ljud i alfabetet och symboliserar den hinduiska världssjälen eller universum. Aum finns i allt och ger oss möjligheten och verktygen att komma i kontakt med världssjälen. Bokstaven A står för skapelse, U för bevarande och M för förstörelse eller upplösning. Dessa tre bokstäver bildar en treenighet.
    39 kr

    Banyan tree wisdom cards

    'Walk towards her centre and rest your back on one the many trunks of Rosie Banyan, a thousand-year-old banyan tree that became the voice of great wisdom. Allow her words to caress with love, seeding within you a newness, possibility and wonder', says Rochelle, author of the BANYAN TREE WISDOM CARDS.
    400 kr

    Blessing Cards (220 In Box)

    Whether you select a blessing from your personal bowl each day for inspiration, or include them with gifts, cards, and letters to friends, you will find these meaningful words offer a fresh perspective on new ventures. Find a new focus with simple thought-provoking affirmations such as Stability, Humour, Release and Compassion. The positive possibilities are endless!
    219 kr
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