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    Magisk journal: pentagram

    Keep a record of your tarot journeys, magical workings or spiritual explorations in these luxurious journals.
    59 kr

    Sigill: pentagram

    Customize invitations, greeting cards, spells, rituals, and more with enchanting wax stamps. Timbro diametro 17mm, bastoncino in cera naturale
    149 kr

    Tarotpåse: Magic Star (satäng)

    Artwork by Luca Russo The pentacle, the star, the energy. Illustrated by Luca Russo, in rich satin, a magical symbol to protect and empower your Tarot deck. Satin, printed, 160x225
    59 kr

    Tarotpåse: pentagram (satäng)

    Satin Pentacle Tarot Bag
    59 kr