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    Bild på Celtic Lenormand

    Celtic Lenormand

    This 45-card deck, with colorful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people cards for nuanced readings. Three different bird cards represent the triple goddess. In-depth descriptions for each card include keywords, divinatory meanings, suggestions for spell use, timing, spiritual messages, dark and light aspects, and affirmations.
    269 kr 249 kr
    Bild på Mystical Lenormand

    Mystical Lenormand

    Use your own intuition and associates to interpret the cards, or refer to the accompanying 34-page booklet for guidance on each card meaning.
    199 kr
    Bild på Mystical Lenormand Book

    Mystical Lenormand Book

    Mystical Lenormand Book, with 112 gilded pages and color illustrations, is a companion to the popular Mystical Lenormand Deck. It’s a great guide for beginners to this system of card reading which is having a resurgence in popularity.
    400 kr
    Bild på Tarot lenormand

    Tarot lenormand

    The first tarot deck inspired by Madame Lenormand, the most famous cartomant in history.
    279 kr
    Bild på Under the Roses Lenormand (40-card deck & instruction booklet)

    Under the Roses Lenormand (40-card deck & instruction booklet)

    Discover the buried secrets in Under the Roses, a charming 40-card Petit Lenormand deck. For each card an iconic image is presented with delicate, sepia- toned illustrations. In addition to the 36 standard cards, this deck includes alternate cards for the Child, the Gentleman, and the Lady. The 60-page booklet offers keyword summaries for each card.
    179 kr