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    Bild på Feminist Oracles Blaze a trail with advice from 50 iconic women

    Feminist Oracles Blaze a trail with advice from 50 iconic women

    189 kr 179 kr
    Bild på Gay Tarot

    Gay Tarot

    Den universella symbolen för relationer - par av man och kvinna, det eviga yin och yang, - är här ersatt av arketyper och situationer ur erfarenheten och identiteten hos homosexuella personer.
    259 kr
    Bild på Neo Tarot

    Neo Tarot

    The tarot is an empowering tool that has been used for divination over the centuries. But in Neo Tarot, media pro turned tarot reader, mystic and self-care advocate, Jerico Mandybur, offers a refreshing, intelligent, and radically inclusive look at the centuries-old cards and their practices.
    229 kr
    Bild på Pride


    99 kr 85 kr
    Bild på Pride Tarot

    Pride Tarot

    Pride Tarot is a collaborative 78-card tarot deck inspired by Pridefest and the achievements of the LGBTQ+ movement. U.S. Games Systems created this deck to show its support for the LGBTQ+ community, and to showcase the creative talents of LGBTQ+ members and allies. Pride Tarot features 45 diverse artists from around the globe who share their poignant and powerful stories.
    249 kr
    Bild på Queer Tarot

    Queer Tarot

    This is a bright, bold interpretation of the tarot that offers inspiration, affirmation, and LGBTQ+ representation. Created by queer and trans artists Ashley Molesso and Chess Needham of Ash + Chess, this reimagining of the classic figures in the Major and Minor Arcana showcases a wide range of gender expressions and sexual orientations, and incorporates queer history and iconography throughout.
    299 kr